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New to Zoom? We've compiled frequently asked questions to help you learn how to use Zoom for online programs.

If you still have questions, please contact us at 

Do I need to download an app?
You will be asked to download an app if your using your smartphone or tablet. Your computer will ask permission to run the program the first time you use Zoom. Once you grant permission or download the app you just need to follow the prompts for set up. Very simple. 
How do I download the Zoom app?

Step by step instructions on how to download and use the Zoom app are outlined in this video.

 What do the icons mean on the toolbar?

Unmute - click once and you will be unmuted. Everyone can then hear you through the audio on your computer. You can mute or unmute at anytime throughout the meeting. To test your audio, click the up arrow for options. 

Start Video - You can control whether or not your video camera is on or off. You can choose to let other see you live or just have your name displayed. You can alternate between the two.

Invite - you can send an invite to a friend at any point to ask them to join the zoom meeting. We recommend only doing this at the very start as entering a meeting midway through can be distracting.  

Share Screen - you are able to share your screen with everyone else, please only attempt to do this if you are asked to by the host. 

Reactions - you can give a thumbs up or a wave to others. This is helpful to respond to the host if you are muted. 

More - you can access the chat feature or the participant list here. 

Leave - this will end your participation in the meeting.  

 Image of Zoom tool bar

 Can others hear me when I enter the meeting?
No. When you first enter the meeting you will be muted. The host can unmuted you at the start of the meeting. You can control your mute or unmute throughout the meeting. The host can mute you if your computer is picking up too much background noise. Please be sure to stay in a quiet room when in the meeting. 
Can I turn off my camera so people can't see me? 
 Absolutely. You can control if your camera is on. Simply click on the Video icon. See toolbar.
 How do I use the Chat feature?
Click on the More list on the toolbar. Chat is one of the features. It will bring up a chat box to the right of your video gallery. You can ask questions there rather than speak. You can share helpful comments. Please be respectful and appropriate in the chat room or you may be removed by the host. 
Any tips or trick for using smartphone or tablet?
Please hold your device in the landscape format to ensure optimal visibility and use of features. 
My computer doesn't have audio or I don't have an electronic device to attend the meeting. Can I participate?

Every meeting will come with a phone in, toll free number and meeting ID. You are welcome to phone in using this number and meeting ID to use your phone for audio attendance.

Please note, if you don't have a device to participate in the meeting visually, some meetings are not recommended for you to attend. ie. all fitness classes require a video capable device. 

How do I change my name on Zoom?
  • Click “more” beside where your name appears.

  • Click “rename”

  • Type in your full name (first and last)

  • Make sure the box below that says “remember my name for future meetings” is checked

I don't have my zoom link for my registered program - what do I do?

Staff will email you the zoom link for your registered program the day before your program starts. If the first class is on a Monday, the link will be sent on the Friday before.

That link will be the same link for the entire session. We recommend you save the link in your email (flag the email for follow up), put it in 'important documents', or copy & paste it to your desktop for easy reference. Once the class is finishes (at the end the session) we recommend deleting it to avoid confusion.


If you can’t find the link try one of the following:

-looking in your inbox & spam folder for an email received the day before the first class

-call any branch front desk and they will be able to provide it for you

-call or email a continuing education coordinator