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Picture of seniors yoga class


Increase your flexibility, improve your blood circulation and restore balance to your body. Reduce tension and raise your energy level. Mat work is used
Yoga - Absolute Beginner
Don't know the difference between yoga and yogurt? This class is for absolute beginners who are curious about yoga. By end of session you will know the basics, be able to do some poses, and understand yoga's benefits for you physically and emotionally. You will be comfortable and confident joining any yoga class...and you will feel better! 
Yoga - Advancing Beginners
A course for those with limited exposure to yoga. Learn yoga poses and principles. Not recommended for anyone with serious hip, knee or neck issues
Yoga - Back Care
Whether you want to relieve pain or take care of your back, this class is great to relieve back pain and strain while learning how to relax your mind, create healthy muscles, and lower high blood pressure. 
Yoga - Chair
With the use of a chair, you can participate in a yoga class without getting up and down from the floor. 
Yoga - Gentle
Warm up, stretch, loosen and tone muscles, followed by relaxing deeply in a soothing, effortlessly long-held restorative pose. Price is based on small class size. 
Yoga - Muscle Fusion
This program takes Yoga and Pilates and adds strength training to focus on developing strength, stamina, mobility, stability and flexibility. 
Yoga Restorative
Gentle, supported postures help to restore movement and flexibility in your body.  Assisted by the use of props so poses are held for loger periods of time.
Yoga - Stretch
Focus on positions that stimulate your heart, lungs, liver, gallbladder, kidney and ardrenal meridians.  Learn the importance of breath to help strengthen your overall practice.
Yoga - Therapeutic 
Supports self-care, nurturing, stress & pain relief and allow you to feel more comfortable in both your mind & body.  You will be guided through inviting & unintimidating postures that are perfect even if you feel overwhelmed, exhausted or in pain. 
Can't decide between Yoga and Pilates? Yogalates is excellent for developing tone and fitness in the body while creating inner calm, relaxation and overall well-being.