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Picture of mens fitness.


Aqua Zumba©
Jump into the Latin inspired, easy to follow, calorie burning dance fitness party that makes working out a splash. This shallow water class is easy on your joints. Water shoes recommended.
This shallow water workout is recommended for participants that may have arthritis, osteoporosis, and knee or hip replacements. It will improve both cardio and pulmonary strength as it builds endurance.
ABC Dance
Put the ABC's into your exercise program with Aerobic dance routines, Body Sculpting, Core conditioning and enjoy pop dance music throughout the workout.
 Ballroom - Smooth Fox Trot
In 1913, Vaudeville comedian Harry Fox introduced a trot that quickly became America's favourite social dance.  Dances will include Fox Trot and slow Rumba.
 Balls, Bands & Balance
This class starts with cardio, then uses bands, small balls and light weights to enhance strength, balance and flexibility.  A total body workout.
Barre Fitness
An invigorating workout that will change your body! Ballet barre based workout using a chair as support. Will help tone and tighten those trouble areas. 
Belly Dancing
Learn an ancient art form to tone and shape. Movements include undulation, myiahs & shimmies.
Brain 'n Body Boosters
Mind and body challenges designed to improve memory, cognitive function and longevity! Laugh your way to better balance, agility and creativity.
Body Blast for Arthritis Conditions
A total body workout to help increase range of motion, agility, balance and strength and includes cardio.  Suited for those with Arthritis or Fibromyalgia.
This class focuses on bodily movement and muscular endurance training.  As well will focus on the flexibility of joints and range of motion throughout the body.  Weights, bands, chairs are props that will be introduced with progress, that will assist in strength and endurance.
Enjoy a great workout while challenging your coordination, balance and stamina in a FUN atmosphere.  Led by boxing coach Adrian James.
Boxing Betties
Ladies, let the power of boxing enhance your exercise routine by challenging your coordination, balance and stamina all in a fun, women's only atmosphere.
Building Better Bones & Balance
A great way to ease into your excersice program.  Movements will incorporate gentle resistance to improve strength and stamina done from a chair or standing.  
Cardio Fit Ball
This class is a low impact, high energy cardio routine to get your heart pumping and your body moving! Use a fitness /stability ball for most of the class.  Also includes strength training, balance training, stretching and relaxation.
Cardio Salsa
Combines Latin steps with basic cardio exercises to learn basic dances. Not recommended for those with hip/knee issues.
Chair Exercise
A great way to sit and be fit. Exercises can be done either standing or sitting in a chair. This course is recommended for those with limited mobility.
Chair Pilates 
Strengthen your core, improve posture, sleep better, improve confidence and build muscle while using bands and weights in a chair. Suitable for all fitness levels with great benefits.
Circuit Training
A fun and functional circuit class, combining low impact cardio with weight bearing exercises to strengthen, improve posture, mobility and balance to groovy tunes!
Learn the basics of clogging then incorporate these easy steps into simple routines to fun music. Taps will be available.
Dance Strength Fusion
Class would feature 20 minutes of dance fit cardio, then 40 minutes of light weight training and stretching. 
Components include 30 minutes of cardio, followed by balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation. Floor mats, chairs, resistance bands and free weights are routinely used. 
Fitness - Light Weight Training
Maintain and improve body strength, endurance, flexibility and balance by using light weights. 
Fitness - Osteo
Includes cardio respiratory balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation using resistance bands, free weights, small rhythmic balls and chairs. 
Fitness - Mix it Up
Different and fun class each week.  Use bands, small balls, stability balls, drum sticks, noodles and weights to name a few.  Cardio, strength, balance and stretching.
Fitness for Arthritis
Help increase your range of motion, agility, strength, balance, improve pain, swelling and stiffness for those who have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or fibromyalgia. 
Fitness for Men
Components may include 30 minutes of cardio, followed by balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation. 
Fitness on the Ball
Includes cardio respiratory, balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation using resistance bands, free weights, stability ball and floor mats. Bring your own ball. 
Fitness on the Ball with Circuit Training
Includes cardio-respiratory balance training, muscle strengthening & relaxation using resistance bands, free weights, stability ball and floor mats.  Additional circuit intervals with 2 minutes of aerobics interspersed with strength training.  Bring your own ball.
Fitness on the Ball for Oseto
Includes cardio-respiratory balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching & relaxation using resistance bands, free weights and opportunity to work on floor mats and use stability balls.  Bring your own ball.
Fitness with Weights
Focus is on improving body strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. Previous experience necessary for level 3.
Functional Fitness
This class is designed for improving strength and flexibility with gentle range of motion and elements of a balance training. Suitable for those with parkinsons, arthritis, osteoporosis.
L.I.F.E "Lose It Forever"
A weight management class that focuses on weekly weigh-ins and support, plus an education piece that concentrates on aspects of healthy eating, motivation and exercise. 
Low Impact Walk and Weights
Try something new! Includes 30 minutes of walking and moving followed by balance training, muscle strengthening, stretching and relaxation.
This class blends forms of dance, yoga and tai chi for a full body workout to great music. 
NIA - Fusion Drums Alive
Combining the mesmerizing drumming rhythms of Drums Alive with the joyful movementof Nia, you will experience a unique mind/body class.  
Pickleball lesson
A fun combination between tennis, ping pong and volleyball. Some experience required.
Exercise problem areas of the body, for example back or sciatic problems. Drawn from therapeutic roots it adapts to any and all body issues. This class is done entirely on mats. 
Exercises accupressure points, coordinate breathing with muscle movements, stretch and relaxation.
Qigong - Meditation
Have you always wanted to meditate but felt you couldn't? Breathe stress away and relax your body. We will explore the way energy flows through you. 
Sitting Solutions Fitness
Prolonged sitting has been recognized as a major health hazard.  Learn new ways to exercise that help reverse these effects and improve your posture.
Strength Training
Maintain and improve body strength, endurance, flexibility and balance with proper alignment and technique. This is a functional program for Active Daily Living. 
Stretch and Sculpt
Full body workout using light weights and resistance bands. Emphasis on proper body alignment to develop strength, endurance and slow stretching to improve flexibility. 
Tai Chi
The slow, rhythmic movements of this powerful Eastern exercise/art improve the physical condition, boosts energy and relieves stress helping participants to relax and sleep better. Yang 24 movement used.
Tai Chi Sword
Is one of nuance and grace. It fosters careful attention to the movements, position and inclinations of the hand that manifest itself through the sword. Must have Tai Chi experience. 
Women's Strength Training
Maintain strength, muscle tone, posture, balance, bone strength, keep weight in check, elevate mood and enhance brain power!  Join us for fun fitness incorporating dumbbells and Thera-bands and more.  Suitable for all fitness levels.
Features routines of interval training where fast and slow rhythm and resistance training are combined to tone and sculpt your body while burning fat. 
Zumba® Gold
Features a slower rhythmic interval and resistance training to tone your body while burning fat.